Facebook Creates Individual Pages About You and Your Friends

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Facebook announced the launch of new "Friendship Pages". These contain the public Wall posts and commetns between two friends, photos in which they're both tagged, events they've both RSVP'd for, etc. 

These pages will be visible to others if they are friends with one of the people, and have permission to view both people's profiles. 

"When it's between two people who share a lot, the page really starts to reflect their friendship," says Facebook engineer Wayne Kao. "You can find a friendship page from links under relevant Wall posts, under relationship stories and under the main photo on a friend's profile page."

"For those of us who have worked on it, the best part is the human side of these pages," adds Kao. "They can bring back memories, conversations and times spent together. Browsing just a few friendship pages, I was reminded of a long Saturday when a friend and I made a pie together, a memorable trip to Disneyland where I got dizzy riding a teacup, and the elaborate birthday party my friend threw for his dog--streamers, candles and all."

Facebook Friendship Pages

While a lot of people will no doubt be happy about the feature, it is already drawing some criticism from users. Here are a few sample comments under the announcement:

Leigh Ann Dillon says, "Facebook: making it easier to stalk people since 2004."

Arizona Dennizen says, "So I'm a crank... will block this as soon as i get it... how do we block?"

Ef Rodriguez says, "My friend George is going to flip his wig over this mess! Yay!"

I guess if nothing else, it will be a good way to see which friends you're neglecting. If you don't have that much content on your "Friendship page", just how good of friends are you?

Chris Crum

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