Facebook Changes, Mark Zuckerberg Get A Post-f8 Ribbing

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Yesterday, at Facebook's f8 developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg announced some huge changes to the social network we all know and love (sometimes). Among those changes is the upcoming Timeline feature that will virtually replace the Facebook profile and looks to become the "story of your life." Zuck also talked about the Open Graph, which will allow users to interacts with apps in a wider variety of ways.

Just a few days before f8, the Facebook News Feed got a facelift. A new feed launched, merging top stories with recent stories - and a ticker was added to the UI that shows all the activity going on in your Facebook realm at any given moment. These changes have been met with a little bit of resistance.

As we've come to expect around here at WebProNews, Next Media Animations has just come out with one of their animations that gives their take on Facebook's big week. In NMA style, the end provides an awesome surprise involving a Matrix reference and what can only be described at a Google+ death pit. Enjoy -

Check out our recent interview with NMA's Emily Wu.

This video from Funny or Die takes on the recent Facebook changes in a little more NSFW format. The premise: Facebook's terms and conditions allows Mark Zuckerberg to do anything he wants now. If this sounds a little bit like a recent South Park episode involving the iTunes terms and conditions, that's because it's mighty similar. But it's still pretty funny -

And if you missed it, here's SNL's Andy Samberg at yesterday's f8 conference doing his best Zuckerberg -

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