Ex-Googler Discusses Life At Facebook


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More and more, experts are starting to anticipate a war between Facebook and Google as the second company makes moves in the social networking space.  Especially timely, then, is a blog post by a former Google employee who's now celebrating three years spent working for Facebook.

To be fair: Pedram Keyani did not rant and rave about Google being terrible, or even make many direct comparisons between the two organizations.  We're just lifting a couple of quotes that might help highlight some (perceived) differences.

Here's one that was an easy pick: Keyani wrote, "Three years ago, most of my friends and family had never heard of Facebook and told me it was a huge risk to leave Google.  I'm really thankful I didn't listen to any of them."

Keyani, an engineering manager, also noted, "While most companies focus on not making mistakes, Facebook embraces mistakes as great learning opportunities."

Otherwise, he's been impressed by the autonomy and responsibility Facebook grants employees, its focus on impact, the coaching opportunities that are made available, and the idea that it's "run by hackers."

Perhaps - and this is pure speculation - Facebook will use these points to try to lure more employees away from Google in the future.