Everyone of Mike Miller's Title-Clinching 3-Pointers


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While the rest of the world congratulates LeBron James and the Miami Heat for winning the franchise's second championship--and LeBron's first--we should take a moment to recognize Mike Miller for his Game 5 marksmanship. In what wound up being the deciding game, Miller went 7-8 from behind the 3-point line, scoring 23 points in 23 minutes. While the Heat may have won Game 5 without Miller's red-hot shooting--it felt like LeBron could take over whenever he wanted--if you subtract Miller's contribution from the Heat's 15-point win, there could very well be a Game 6 this weekend.

As it stands, Miller bombed and the Heat raised the Larry O'Brien Trophy. As those on the Internet are wont to do, someone (YouTube user kietasss) created a two-plus minute video of everyone of Miller's 3-pointers:

It should be noted that before Game 5, Miller was 0-3 from behind the arc. For the series. What a difference 23 gameplay minutes make when it comes to building a legend. And what did Miller get for his awesome shooting prowess? An awkward handshake from ESPN's Stuart Scott, who, for some reason, is still gainfully employed by the "Worldwide Leader:"


As you might expect, Twitter was all over Miller's performance:

Hang up if she does, Mike. You don't need that drama. Just ask Kris Humphries if you're unsure about what you should do in case she does get bored with Kanye and drops you a line, all of which are quite possible, considering the woman in question.