Eva Shockey Maligned on Social Media for Bear Photos


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Eva Shockey, Canadian co-host of Outdoor Channel series Jim Shockey's Uncharted, has come under fire after appearing in pictures with a 510-pound black bear her father shot, during a hunting exhibition in North Carolina on November 14.

Shockey, 26, the first woman to appear on the cover of Field & Stream magazine in three decades, has received death threats from animal rights supporters on her various social media accounts. After posting a couple of pictures with the dead bear, thousands chimed in to convey their disdain for the kill.

Shockey told FOX News, “I believe with every part of me that what I’m doing is right, so there’s nothing that I’m apologizing for,” while pointing out that in North Carolina, the bear population is rising rapidly. “Obviously we’re not gonna get rid of the humans. … You have to keep the bear population in check.”

Here are the Facebook posts that riled the indoor types:

While many of the anti-hunting comments were objectively tame, some were a bit overwrought, prompting Shockey to defend her and her father's actions as avid hunters.

Commenting on being the only woman to be featured in a Field & Stream cover photo aside from Queen Elizabeth, Shockey remarked, “it’s a huge, huge honor. It’s really amazing. It doesn’t even really feel real. She’s a really important woman.”