Eva Mendes And Ryan Gosling Are Infatuated With New Baby


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Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling recently welcomed a baby girl into their lives and while they aren't ready to share her with the world just yet, a source close to the family claims that both parents are infatuated with their daughter.

Eva and Ryan have managed to stay out of the media since their daughter was born and have not even officially confirmed the birth. They have also not shown any photos of the baby or even revealed her name.

Family members have been seen visiting the couple's home, including Eva's mother and Ryan's sister and a source said that the family is healthy, happy but understandably exhausted.

"They're both great, but exhausted," a source told E! News about the couple. "They know it's going to be a little while before the baby adjusts to a schedule."

Many celebrity families prefer to stay hidden from the paparazzi and media after they welcome a child into the world and Mendes even went into hiding before giving birth. She somehow managed to go unspotted for several months before she had the baby.

While Eva and Ryan may not be welcoming the media into their lives, they are welcoming their family members in with open arms and are happy to have some help with the baby.

Both Ryan and Eva's mothers have been coming and going from their home over the last few days and offering their assistance to the new parents.

The source also said that Eva and Ryan are still adjusting to being new parents but are both learning how to take care of the baby on their own and feeling better about it.

"Ryan and Eva are getting more confident in doing things themselves," the source said.

While everyone is anxious to see the new baby and learn more about her, it doesn't look like the couple is ready to share her just yet, and everyone will just have to wait until that time comes.