Eva Longoria Won't Be In Any Telenovelas Anytime Soon


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Eva Longoria, of Desperate Housewives and Devious Maids fame, is an activist, philanthropist, and, of course, a phenomenal actress. Funny, intelligent, and talented, the actress has a lot going for her, and is an inspiration to many, as she often speaks on Latina representation in the media, as well as women's education. She recently found herself speaking out for different reasons, however; in the face of a false casting list, she had to set the record straight and firmly explain that this article was completely false.

Longoria took to Twitter, expressing her dismay and going on to explain that everything in the article was false, including the "quotes" that the writers claimed she had given. The article claimed that Longoria had signed a contract for three telenovelas, where she would supposedly co-star with former Dancing With The Stars co-star, William Levy. The article went on to falsely proclaim, "Longoria has signed an exclusive contract with Televisa, locking her for three telenovelas starting with Cuna de Lobos, where she will play the infamous Catalina Creel. The production finally came true after Por Derecho De Sangre, what was supposed to be the remake, proved to be a major flop after the pilot wasn't selected, but the network now hopes that with Eva on board, Cuna de Lobos will step up to the original 80's classic."

Although the reports are false, Longoria's close relationship with Televesia is not. Longoria is currently in a relationship with Jose Antonio Baston, the president of Televesia. Despite this romantic connection, however, Longoria is definitely not signed on for any soap opera stardom in the near future; she's much too busy being the executive producer of Devious Maids, which was recently picked up for a second season. So, for anyone disappointed that they won't be able to see Longoria in any soaps, they can at least rest assured knowing that there's plenty of media beyond Desperate Housewives that will allow them to get their fix of the talented actress.

Image courtesy of Eva Longoria's official Twitter profile.