Eva Longoria Isn't Happy With Apple Employees


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Eva Longoria isn't a happy camper.

Apparently, the 39-year-old actress feels some kind of way about Apple and their employees.

According to Access Hollywood, the former Desperate Housewives star had a run-in with more than one worker employed with the billion dollar consumer electronics company.

Longoria recently chatted with Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood Live. When the celebrity photo leak scandal was addressed during the discussion, Longoria felt compelled to share a similar experience of her own.

Although none of her personal online accounts were hacked, she explained how one Apple employee admitted to stealing her contact information from her phone when she visited a Texas retail location. The employee even went a step further and emailed her. However, the employee had no desire to leak any of her pictures or personal information.

"Wait, what were they sending you? Like, 'Hi Eva, my name is John?'" Hoover asked. Longoria responded with a surprising reason. Apparently, the employee, who admitted to being a fan of the actress' work, also designs dresses and wanted to send her a sample of their work.

"Yeah. 'I made a dress I want to send it to you, I work at the Apple Store here in San Antonio' and I'm like… what? Did someone give out my email? Or my phone! 'I saw your phone number from your profile, I just wanted to call and say hi I'm a fan.' …There are a lot of privacy issues," Longoria said.

Access Hollywood went a step further and contacted the San Antonio store Longoria visited. Of course, no one admitted to the alleged privacy breach. Apple's corporate office also refuses to release a statement in regards to Longoria's claims. So, the allegations have yet to be confirmed or denied.

Eva Longoria's Access Hollywood interview aired on Wednesday, September 3.