Eva Longoria Blasts Newspaper For False Story


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If you thought you'd be seeing Eva Longoria in the Latin soap opera "Cuna de Lobos, you shouldn't hold your breath, because it's not happening.

It seems the "Desperate Housewives" actress was the victim of a fake news report written in the Latin Post, regarding a role she accepted for three different drama series.

"Longoria has signed an exclusive contract with Televisa, locking her for three telenovelas starting with 'Cuna de Lobos,' where she will play the infamous Catalina Creel," read the report. "The production finally came true after 'Por Derecho De Sangre,' what was supposed to be the remake, proved to be a major flop after the pilot wasn't selected, but the network now hopes that with Eva on board, 'Cuna de Lobos' will step up to the original 80s classic."

Soon after, Longoria took to Twitter to debunk the false claim, and said she's baffled how a story can be completely falsified in a legitimate publication. "How can people make stuff up and print it?" she asked. "Not one word of this is true. Even has fake quotes from me."

Celebrities having to put up with fake or embellished news stories is nothing new, but seldom do they take the time to speak against it. But in Longoria's case, it was seemingly important to reject these false claims, because it easily could have tarnished her brand, since she's been trying to get out of playing campy soap opera roles since leaving "Desperate Housewives," which is why she produced the now canceled reality show "Ready for Love."

And her Tweet seemed to work, because the Latin Post quickly recanted their story.

"According to Longoria herself, the original source from the Latin Times quoted in this story is mistaken," read the update. "Latin Post was not responsible for the initial inaccuracies but simply quoted what was thought to be a reputable source. While the rumor quoted in this story has proved to be false, the article remains below for reference."

Image via Wikimedia Commons