Eva Amurri: Susan Sarandon's Daughter Loses Baby After Miscarriage

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Susan Sarandon's daughter, Eva Amurri, revealed she lost her second child after a miscarriage. She shared the devastating news on her blog Happy Eva After.

Amurri,30, was overjoyed when she found out she was expecting a second child with husband Kyle Martino, 34. On top of that, Marlowe Mae, their first-born, turned one just this month. Amurri and Martino, shared the wonderful news of her pregnancy at the birthday party of their daughter.

But the happiness was replaced with grief soon after Ammuri’s doctor failed to detect their baby’s heart beat.

"At my next visit for a routine ultrasound, however, the baby's heart was no longer beating," she wrote. "Just like that, it was all over.”

She recalled how excited they were to welcome the new baby, "Two babies under two! I was filled with nervous excitement – so amazed that Marlowe would have a sibling so close in age. Kyle and I hoped it was another girl."

The unfortunate event caused her to feel mixed emotions. Amurri posted on her blog that she felt confusion, anger, sadness and also an "immense amount of gratitude."

The Californication actress expressed her gratitude for the support her family and friends. Amurri added that what she is most grateful for, is the fact that she has a healthy daughter whom she can always hold in her arms. On her blog, she shared a photo of Marlowe on the beach and behind her "Big Sis" was written in the sand.

Amurri’s doctor told her that there might have been "developmental problem with the fetus."Although saddened by her loss, she is trying to cope with the problem by sharing her heartache.

She said that by writing her experience, she hopes to be of help to people who are going through the same problem. Amurri’s husband also extended his gratitude to supporters through his Twitter account.

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