Erin Moran Homeless After Getting Kicked Out Of Trailer Park

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Erin Moran, 51, who played Joanie Cunningham on the beloved classic sitcom "Happy Days", is now said to be homeless and running out of money in Indiana.

The former television star is reportedly moving from hotel to hotel after being kicked out of the trailer she shared with her husband and his mother, allegedly because of her "partying".


Image: SplashNews

She has reportedly been kicked out of hotels, as well:

“On several occasions the hotel management warned Erin to curb her unruly behavior. But they finally had enough of her temper and demanded that she immediately leave the property."

She received a large settlement after suing CBS alongside her former co-stars for breach of contract, but hasn't done much acting work in years aside from appearing on a few reality shows, and friends are worried that she is rapidly running out of money.

Moran was recently spotted wandering around a hotel parking lot, smoking and appearing disoriented.

Amanda Crum

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