Erin Andrews Has A "Christmas Story" Moment

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Erin Andrews was on the sidelines during Sunday night's 49ers/Packers game, braving the extremely frigid temperatures along with the players, and said that even though she'd prepared well for the cold with several layers of clothing, she was still freezing. That led to some speculation that she might not be so easy to understand as the night wore on.

"Randall Cobb is back and so too to this show is our own Erin Andrews who using your 'Christmas Story' reference, hopefully hasn't been licking the goal post in between. Your tongue working right now?" asked Curt Menefee from the studio.

"So far so good. But I anticipate sounding like Flick from 'A Christmas Story,'" Andrews replied.

Luckily, it didn't come to that, but it isn't just Wisconsin that's dealing with extreme cold this week; a good part of the country is dealing with a blast of arctic air that has many concerned for the homeless population, pets, and the elderly. Many states are seeing single-digit temperatures with wind chill numbers in the negative, and much of the East coast is dealing with several inches of snow on top of it. Some rural parts of Indiana are under a driving advisory and anyone on the road can be ticketed if spotted by an officer.

The cold weather didn't stop the 49ers from a win of 23-20 after a field goal.

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