EndlessJabber Lets Android Users Send And Receive Texts Remotely

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EndlessJabber is a new Android app, which enables users to send and receive SMS/MMS messages from any PC, tablet, web browser or XMPP client. The folks behind it are currently raising funds through KickStarter.

Here's why you might find the app useful: if you frequently use other devices such as a PC at work, laptop in class, tablet on the couch, etc., it's often inconvenient to reach into your pocket to grab your phone or to retrieve it from wherever it might be charging, to view and reply to text messages. Once you've installed the Android app, EndlessJabber lets you use the other device you're already using to view and reply to the text message quickly and easily.

You can use the service from a web app (at endlessjabber.com/web), but there are also Chrome and Firefox extensions.

The app promises safe and secure 128 bit encryption of data.

For a couple dollars a month, users can upgrade to the Pro version, which opens up access to some more interesting features.

JabberMode circumvents the deficiencies of the Google Cloud Messaging platform and sleep mode on most phones. As described on the Kickstarter page, "With JabberMode turned on, the phone creates a persistent bi-directional connection with the server that is immune to GCM slowdown due to overload, as well as lag due to phone radio sleep state. Using this connection, messages are sent and receives from the phone to our API's almost immediately, ensuring that you send and receive text messages as fast as your carrier can deliver them!"

Also available in Pro are a search feature, themes, a scheduler, XMPP integration (such as Pidgin or Trillian), personalized signatures, unlimited retention, and analytics.

The analytics can be accessed from the web app. You can see charts for the number of sent and received messages in the last five days and the number of messages sent and received from the top five contacts. It also provides an aggregate view of sent/received messages by day of week, month of year, and hour of day.

To use EndlessJabber, you have to install the app on your Android phone, follow its quick and easy set-up process, which includes the option to sync your old messages, and go to the web interface to use it from your other device. It's really quite simple and works well.

EndlessJabber already has over 14,000 users and a Google Play rating of 4.4. It also works on Android KitKat, unlike some other apps.

Images via Kickstarter