Emma Stone, Colin Firth Dish on Working With Their Mutual Idol — Woody Allen

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Emma Stone and Colin Firth, 53, may be decades apart in age, but they've shared a common dream — to work with director Woody Allen.

Now that their dream has been realized with the film Magic in the Moonlight, the longtime Allen fans opened up about the real experience of working with the Annie Hall actor and director.

Stone, who's family dog is named Alvy after Allen's Annie Hall character, says her first encounter with the legendary director was a little unsettling.

"I was incredibly nervous," said the 25-year-old actress. "You don't get to know him first, there's no rehearsal, you don't see him before shooting."

As for Firth, he said Allen's work had a very influential role in his own life and career, so it meant a great deal when he received the call from Allen.

"This person's work had such a specific role to play in my whole relation with movies," he said. "To suddenly be invited to join the narrative a bit is thrilling."

The long-anticipated call from the 78-year-old director was not exactly what Firth expected.

"I thought he'd asked for the call, and it turns out he thought I'd asked for it," said Firth. "Cate (Blanchett) told me the same happened to her with Blue Jasmine."

And it wasn't as if the two chatted the night away or shared much of their personal histories.

"It wasn't of the 'Welcome to the film!' variety," says Firth. "It was just sort of, 'Cut to the chase.'"

In the film, which opened last week, Firth plays Stanley, a cynical magician who wants to expose Sophie, a young American medium, as the fraud he believes her to be.

Unfortunately, Firth's skills in magic are, shall we say, limited.

"I was called upon to perform a simple card trick. That was the only time I saw a hint of impatience from Woody," said the Pride and Prejudice actor. "He was just sighing." The scene was eventually cut.

Firth said many of the stories surrounding Allen turned out to be myths.

"There are a lot of stories," said Firth. "He doesn't really direct, don't expect him to make jokes on the set, that sort of thing. No. He directs, and he was funny."

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