Eminem Gives Super Awkward Interview on ESPN

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Eminem has admitted before that live television interviews are not his strength.The 40-year-old rapper started his ESPN halftime show interview staring blankly off-camera while Brent Musburger introduced the segment and Kirk Herbstreit laughed uneasily at his side.


"Sorry, live TV freaks me out a little bit," the Michigan native confessed after about 30 seconds of stoned-faced staring.

The three men went on to discuss the Detroit Lions -- Eminem says he's a "die-hard fan" -- and his upcoming album, "The Marshall Mathers LP 2." Then, Herbstreit asked what excited him most about his new project, Eminem hit back, "Nothing."

"No, it'll be out November 5th. I'll probably be most excited to just be done with it," the rapper said.

"You're a legend," Eminem later told Musburger, a veteran sportscaster.

"You my friend, are the legend," Musburger replied, who then went on the give Em a rundown of the music icon’s achievements.

"I'm really uncomfortable right now," Eminem said. And the interview ended there. Awkward!

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