Emily Greenberg Buffett Marries; Bono Sings


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Emily Greenbery Buffett, Warren Buffett's granddaughter, was married on Friday evening in Omaha Nebraska. The wedding was held at Lauritzen Garden, according to Omaha.com.

Almost 300 people were in attendance for the ceremony and Warren as well as his three children were among the attendants.

The head singer from the band U2 was there and sang a song to the newlyweds on stage. He performed the song "Stand By Me", which was made popular by Ben E. King in the 1960's.

Bono is very close to the Buffett family. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "In June, Bono surprised Buffett at this year's Forbes 400 Philanthropy Summit where he dedicated the tune "Home on the Range" to the wealthy Berkshire Hathaway CEO.The Buffetts and Bono have bonded since working on similar philanthropic causes, with Susie serving on the board of the DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa) charity, which Bono co-founded in 2002."

One of the guests recorded this video at the reception and uploaded it to Youtube.

[Photo via Youtube]