Emily Deschanel, David Boreanz Return This Week

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Emily Deschanel and David Boreanz will return to fans this week for the winter season and are showing up in a cheeky new ad captioned "Total headcases".

The duo will be investigating the Ghost Killer this season after Brennan starts having odd dreams about Pelant (played by Andrew Leeds), and may find that the murderer is connected to another case they're working on. The storyline will likely be tense as Brennan digs deeper into the case.

"Brennan is the type of person who is not going to forget the words of warning that were given to her by Pelant," executive producer Stephen Nathan said. "We will see that surface in a way that concerns Booth and the other people at the lab and is something they're all going to have to contend with, seeing how immersed and overwhelmed Brennan is by the idea of this new serial killer."

The actress wowed at the People's Choice Awards on Wednesday night, both on stage and on the red carpet; after being tasked with a game by E! hosts, Deschanel correctly placed several paper bones onto Tim Gunn's body, including a humerus, a clavicle, a sternum and a zygomatic bone.

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