Emily Blunt Talks Family And Traditions


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Almost every family has a special tradition that is passed down from generation to generation.

Emily Blunt said that her family always read a story together before going to bed.

Emily is the proud mother of a baby girl and she told E! News that she plans to pass the tradition of reading on to her daughter.

"She's nine months old but she understands. She sits on me, this little thing, and she understands turning a page already and going on a journey," Blunt marveled during an interview with E! News. "I think it's amazing."

Emily said that she always enjoyed reading with her family but feels like it’s something that not many families do together anymore.

She thinks technology has taken over and now kids are more interested in playing video games or surfing the Internet than reading.

She hopes that reading to her daughter at an early age will instill a love for reading that will last a lifetime.

"I just want her to have that satisfaction I had as a kid of finishing a book and the chunk of it and the weight of it and putting the book down and it's done," she said. "You want things to be sensory for kids."

"I know I have to sort of go with the flow, and this is what's happening and it's this generation," she added. "She's going to teach me more than any computer class, I'm sure!"

Emily and her husband John Krasinski welcomed their daughter last February and seem to be very proud and devoted parents.

What kind of traditions does your family have?