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Jeff Bezos, and Brother Mark, Will Be On First Crewed Blue Origin Flight
Jeff Bezos, and his brother Mark, will be among those on the first crewed Blue Origin flight....
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SpaceX Taps Google to Assist With Starlink Internet Access
Google is partnering with SpaceX to provide cloud and internet services, in combination with the latter’s Starlink satellite internet....
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Elon Musk: Starlink Received Over 500,000 Orders, Most Will Receive Service
Elon Musk has disclosed that Starlink has received more than 500,000 orders, most of which will be filled....
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FCC Approves Additional Starlink Satellites at Lower Altitudes
The Federal Communications Commission has granted SpaceX permission to launch satellites at a lower altitude....
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SpaceX President: No Plans for Tiered Starlink Pricing
SpaceX is aggressively rolling out its Starlink satellite internet service, and has no plans to offer multi-tier pricing....
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Elon Musk Is Now ‘Technoking’
Elon Musk has officially dubbed himself 'Technoking of Tesla' and CFO Zach Kirkhorn is now 'Master of Coin." Seriously, this title change was in an SE...
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NASA Working on Moon-Based Solar Power
NASA is working with commercial companies to ensure there is sustainable power on the moon to power any future bases....
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SpaceX Wants to Beam Starlink Internet to Planes, Ships and Trucks
SpaceX wants to expand its Starlink internet access to moving vehicles, including planes, ships, trucks and RVs....
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SpaceX Launches 60 More Satellites, Working Toward 400 Per Trip
SpaceX has successfully launched another 60 satellites for its Starlink constellation....
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Starlink Will Double Speeds and Cover Most of the World This Year
Starlink internet service is poised to expand to much of the world, and double in speed, later this year....
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Microsoft and HPE Partner to Deliver AI and Edge Computing to Space
Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have partnered to bring AI and edge computing to the International Space Station (ISS)....
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Elon Musk: People With MBAs Want To Parachute Into Being The Boss
People look at MBA school as like I want to parachute into being the boss instead of earning it. I don't think that's good....
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SpaceX Now Has Over 10,000 Starlink Internet Customers
SpaceX has crossed a significant milestone, announcing it now has over 10,000 subscribers to its Starlink internet service....
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SpaceX Announces First All-Commercial Space Flight
SpaceX has announced the first-ever all-commercial space flight, consisting exclusively of civilian pilot and passengers....
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COVID Has Really Impacted Aerospace… and the Air Force
COVID has really impacted the aerospace industry in this nation and nations around the world disproportionately to other industries... and the Air For...
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SpaceX Completes 17th Starlink Launch, Passing 1,000 Satellites
SpaceX has launched its 17th round of Starlink satellites, brining the total number to 1,015....
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OneWeb Raises Funding From SoftBank and Hughes
OneWeb, a company dedicated to satellite-based internet, has raised additional funding from SoftBank and Hughes Network....
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Starlink Internet Service Expanding to the UK
Elon Musk’s second company has hit a major milestone, expanding its Starlink internet service to the UK, its first international market....
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Elon Musk Will Fund Mars Colonization By Selling His Possessions
Elon Musk knows the value of putting your money where your mouth is, as he plans to personally fund Mars colonization....
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Japan’s Solution to Space Junk: Wooden Satellites
Japan is working to address the growing issue of space junk, with plans to launch satellites made of wood....
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