Video Timeline: Richest Billionaires Over The Last 10 Years
Video Timeline: Richest Billionaires Over The Last 10 Years

Forbes created a cool video two-minute video timeline of the richest billionaires in America over the last ten years. The current wealthiest American, of course, is Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos who is worth $179 billion.

NASA: America's Space Agenda Is Really On Fire
NASA: America’s Space Agenda Is Really On Fire

Jim Bridenstine, Administrator of NASA, discusses the NASA Economic Impact Report that was released today and says that under Trump America’s space agenda is on fire.

NASA Releases Economic Impact Study
NASA Releases Economic Impact Study

NASA released its first-ever Economic Impact Study today. Combining all NASA activities, the agency generated more than $64.3 billion in total economic output during fiscal year 2019.

Starlink Launch
Starlink Satellites Ruin Astronomy Photos

A Space X Starlink satellite is being blamed for ruining photos of the NEOWISE comet.

Space Satellite
AWS Looks to the Final Frontier of Cloud Computing: Space

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a new space business segment aimed at taking cloud computing farther than ever.

SpaceX Launch
Starlink Internet Will Enter Beta In Three of Months

Good news for internet users: Starlink’s satellite internet will enter private beta in roughly three months.

Zoom Pivots to Security Amid Ongoing Criticism

Zoom is taking drastic measures to improve its security and privacy amid criticism and scrutiny as it serves hundreds of millions of users.

SpaceX Employees Won’t Be Zooming Anywhere

SpaceX has banned its employees from using Zoom for communication, in the latest challenge the popular videoconferencing app is facing.

Starlink Launch
FCC Approves Up to 1 Million Starlink Ground Antenna

Starlink just passed a major milestone in its plans to provide broadband internet via a constellation of satellites: approval for 1 million ground antenna.

Milky Way
Musk Promises No Starlink Impact on Astronomy

Elon Musk has promised that Starlink will have “zero” impact on astronomy amid growing concerns the satellites could impede researchers.