NASA Rocket Launch - Image by WikiImages
NASA Pausing SpaceX Contract While Waiting on Blue Origin’s Lawsuit

NASA is pausing its SpaceX lunar landing contract while it waits for the initial phase of the lawsuit Blue Origin has launched.

Jeff Bezos
Deja Vu: Another Bezos Company Sues Government Over Losing a Bid

Blue Origins is suing NASA over a failed bid to participate in the agency’s lunar contract, continuing a proud tradition of litigation when losing.

The Moon - Image by Ponciano
Elon Musk: Starship Will Land Humans on Moon Before 2024

Elon Musk has indicated he expects SpaceX’s Starship to be able to deliver humans to the Moon before 2024.

Boeing Starliner
Houston, We Have a Problem: Boeing Starliner Goes Back to Factory

Boeing suffered another disappointment, as the company was forced to delay its Starliner launch, sending it back to the factory to resolve an issue.

Fiber Internet - Image by Daniel Dino-Slofer
Starlink Speeds Giving Traditional Broadband a Run For Their Money

Starlink may be the new kid on the block in the broadband industry, but it’s already giving traditional companies a run for their money.

Hubble Telescope Against the Cosmos - Image by Ondřej Šponiar
Hubble Is Back! NASA Fixes Telescope’s Computer

NASA has successfully fixed the Hubble Telescope’s payload computer, after it malfunctioned and stopped working over a month ago.

Hubble Space Telescope - Credit NASA
NASA May Have Found the Problem With Hubble

NASA believes it has discovered the issue with Hubble, after the telescope has been in safe mode for over a month.

Satellite - Image by WikiImages
Amazon Increases Efforts to Take on SpaceX, Acquires Facebook Satellite Internet Team

Amazon is doubling down on its efforts to take on SpaceX in the battle for satellite internet, acquiring Facebook’s team to assist it.

OneWeb Satellite
OneWeb’s Latest Launch Paves Way for Internet Service

OneWeb has launched an additional 36 satellites, a milestone that will enable the company to start offering internet service this year.

Starlink Launch
SpaceX Successfully Launches 88 Satellites

SpaceX has deployed 88 satellites, 85 of them for customers, as the company ramps up its payload delivery service.