Proofpoint CEO Gary Steele: Working From Home Changes Face Of Work
Proofpoint CEO: Working From Home Changes Face Of Work

This work from home economy is going to change the face of work. Security leaders and organizations are going to need to figure out how do you defend people when they are sitting at home working from their couch.

Twitter CFO on How Their Strategy of Increasing ROI for Advertisers is Paying Off

Twitter CFO Ned Segal says that Twitter’s work over the last couple of years designed to improve advertiser ROI and success on the platform is starting to resonate with advertisers.

Quantum Computer - Image by Pete Linforth
Xanadu Releases Photonic Quantum Cloud

Xanadu has released their photonics quantum computing platform, planning to double its power every six months.

F-16 - Image by skeeze
One Step Closer to Skynet: AI Beats Top Air Force Pilot

An AI-powered “pilot” went undefeated in five rounds of simulated dogfighting with a top Air Force pilot.

Medical Records - Image by vjohns1580
AI Company Leaks 2.5 Million Medical Records

Cense AI has inadvertently leaked 2.5 million detailed medical records of auto accident victims.

Ecommerce, Search, Social… and Conversational Space?

When I look at the conversational space I think it’s going to have as much impact as ecommerce or search or social, says LivePerson CEO Rob Locascio. The conversational space is going to be just as big.

ADT and Google - Image Credit Google
Google Invests $450 Million In ADT, Forms Nest Partnership

Google has announced it is investing $450 million in security company ADT, in a multi-year partnership that will give Google a 6.6% stake.

Are XR Sports The Future?

The pandemic has shown us the business opportunities for new and emerging technologies.

Fabricius - Image Credit Google
Google Uses Machine Learning to Decipher Hieroglyphs

Google has unveiled Fabricius, a tool that uses machine learning to decipher and translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian
Verizon Chooses Google Cloud Contact Center AI

Google Cloud has scored a major win as Verizon has chosen its Contact Center AI to help power its customer service experience.