Rockwell Automation Taking Manufacturing To Whole New Level
Rockwell Automation Taking Manufacturing To Whole New Level

The acquisition today of Fiix is a really exciting one says Rockwell Automation CEO Blake Moret. It spans the gap that’s traditionally existed between manually entered keystroke data and real-time data that’s coming from the equipment itself.

Cyber Bully
PSA: Cybercriminals Preying On Nest Users With ‘Sextortion’ Scheme

Following reports of connected security cameras, such as Ring and Nest, being targeted by hackers,…

At Honeywell Innovation is Always the Key, Says CEO

“Anything we do in Honeywell, innovation is always the key,” says Honeywell CEO Darius Adamczyk. “Whether it’s expanding into Europe, driving more robotics, a connected warehouse offering which we are bringing to customers and having a broader play, are the key technology levers for that business.”

Amazon’s Ring Fires Employees For Improperly Accessing User Videos

In the wake of reports of Ring devices being hacked, Amazon has informed senators of…

Cloud Company CloudFlare Acquires Browser Company S2 Systems

BizJournal is reporting that CloudFlare, after recently raising $525 million in its IPO, has purchased…

Google Cloud
Google May Buy Salesforce To Help Bolster Its Cloud Business

According to Business Insider, RBC Capital Markets believes Google may purchase Salesforce and use it…

Microsoft Office Building
Goldman Sachs: Microsoft Making Significant Inroads In Cloud Market—At Amazon and Google’s Expense

According to Business Insider, a recent Goldman Sachs poll shows Microsoft making significant inroads into…

Google Home Hub
Google Nest Hub and Xiaomi Cameras Give Window Into Strangers’ Homes

CNET is reporting on the latest example of security cameras exposing the very people they’re…

Amazon Threatens Employees Speaking Out Against Its Climate Policies

The Washington Post is reporting that Amazon has warned at least two employees for speaking…

Xiaomi Note 10
Xiaomi Investing $7 Billion In 5G, AI And IoT

According to Reuters, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp is planning on investing over $7 billion…