Surveillance Camera
Sony Semiconductor and Microsoft Partner on Enterprise Smart Cameras

Sony Semiconductor has announced it is partnering with Microsoft to develop AI-driven smart cameras for enterprise customers.

Lawmakers May Block FCC’s Ligado 5G Decision

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently voted unanimously to allow Ligado to deploy a low-power 5G network, and lawmakers are not happy.

Duncan Davidson of Bullpen Capital
Preparing For The Reindustrialization Of America

Duncan Davidson, General Partner at Bullpen Capital, says that the reindustrialization of America will be powered by tech but pervade the whole country.

5G Shows Its Importance To Nation During Pandemic: GA. City Manager
5G Shows Its Importance To Nation During Pandemic: GA. City Manager

%%excerpt%% We’ve had 5G here for over a year and not only has it not unveiled anything that caused us concern but as this pandemic has happened it’s actually shown its importance to the nation even more so than before says Peachtree Corners, GA. City Manager Brian Johnson.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai
FCC Prepares to Open 6 GHz Spectrum

The FCC is preparing to vote on making 1,200 megahertz of spectrum available for unlicensed use in the 6GHz band.

5G is Delayed, But a Whole New World is Coming

The fact is as much as 5G is going to be tremendous, and it’s going to bring an amazing architectural shift to our economy and to our markets and economy, it’s still not here, says Skyworks Solutions CEO Liam Griffin. It is here in certain areas but the rollout has been somewhat delayed due to coronavirus.

China Relying on Robots to Help Fight Coronavirus

China may have finally turned a corner in its fight against the coronavirus, and it has robots to thank for helping it do so.

The Future Of Schools With Tech

Amid socially connecting people across the globe and lucrative business innovations, it comes as no surprise that there are some new and exciting advances available in the classroom.

Sparrho CEO: Using Augmented Intelligence to Build Trust in Brands

The CEO of Sparrho says that their approach which combines artificial intelligence and 400,000 Ph.D.’s delivers scientific data to companies helping them back up their marketing messages.

Apple Park
Apple’s ‘AirTag’ May Launch Q3 2020

TF Securities analysts Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple suppliers will ramp up production to deliver its upcoming AirTag devices in 2020.