OpenAI Working With Microsoft To Build AI That Will Change The World - OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman
OpenAI & Microsoft To Build AI That Will Change The World

“We’re working together with Microsoft to build next-generation supercomputers,” says OpenAI co-founder Greg Brockman. “The real goal of OpenAI and what we’re trying to accomplish is to build what we call artificial general intelligence. We think whoever builds artificial general intelligence will be the number one most valuable company in the world by a huge margin.”

Every Sector of the Economy is Going to Benefit From Robotics and AI, says ROBO Global President William Studebaker
Every Sector of the Economy is Going to Benefit From Robotics and AI

“We are on the cusp of ubiquitous automation,” says ROBO Global President William Studebaker. “We…

CareDx CEO Peter Maag - AI-powered sequencing technology
AI-Powered Sequencing Technology Is The Future In Medical Diagnostics

This is next-generation sequencing,” says CareDx CEO Peter Maag. “It’s really the future in Diagnostics. We are applying this technology to match an organ with the recipient on a very granular level. We do that in organ transplantation, in bone marrow transplantation, and in transplantation overall.”

AI and Robotics Are Fundamentally Changing Healthcare

AI, machine learning, and robotics are fundamentally changing healthcare, says Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorsky. “One of the most exciting parts of my job right now is to see the technology that’s usually equated with California and the West Coast.”

BrainQ Developed Unique AI-Powered Brain-Computer Medical Device, Says CEO

BrainQ takes patients’ brainwaves as an input with a set of metadata and runs machine learning algorithms in the cloud and translate them into a tailored electromagnetic treatment aimed at facilitating their central nerve system recovery process.

Rand Hindi: Human-Like Artificial Intelligence is Never Going to Exist

Dr. Rand Hindi says that without emotional intelligence machines will never be able to obtain human-like artificial intelligence. Reminiscent of Star Trek Next Generation, Hindi says that most decisions humans make are actually emotionally driven and machines don’t have an emotional IQ.

Microsoft: It’s a Historic Time as the Whole Health Industry Moves to the Cloud

Peter Lee, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Healthcare, says “It’s a historic time right now with whole health industry moving to the cloud.”

Facebook Study Looks At Technology’s Role in Personal Health

Facebook IQ, Facebook’s research wing, which uses Facebook Insights along with work from researchers, with…

Lung Cancer Screenings Have Racial Disparities

Lung Cancer screenings may be muddled by racial differences in smoking habits, causing African-American smokers…

Cystic Fibrosis: New Medicine Gives Sufferers Hope

Cystic Fibrosis is a life-threatening genetic condition that affects many families. There is no cure…