The Causes of Muscle Pain and How to Eliminate Them

Muscle pain is a major issue in the world today. According to a 2017 Global…

Misinformation and Facts About the COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccine was developed faster than any other vaccine in history. This fast pace…

Apple Launches 5G iPhone 12
Apple Says to Keep iPhone 12 and MagSafe ‘Safe Distance’ From Pacemaker

Apple has warned the iPhone 12 and MagSafe accessories should be kept a “safe distance away” from pacemakers.

Amazon’s Dave Clark
Amazon Offers Support For President Biden’s Vaccination Plans

Amazon has congratulated President Biden and Vice President Harris on their inauguration and offered its support in ramping up the vaccine rollout.

Apple Watch
Smartwatches Can Serve As Early Coronavirus Detection

Smartwatches can do much more than count steps, with research showing they can detect coronavirus infections days before diagnosis.

Fitbit Versa 2
Google Closes Fitbit Deal

Google has closed its Fitbit deal, despite investigations and concerns over potential privacy and antitrust implications.

Verily, Broad Institute and Microsoft Partner For Multi-Cloud Biomedical Research

Alphabet’s Verily and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard have partnered with Microsoft to advance biomedical research.

Healthcare Job Trends of the Future

Healthcare jobs are having a moment during this time of pandemic. What are the heathcare jobs people should be paying attention to for 2021?

The Future of Nursing Homes

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, senior citizens have borne the brunt of casualties. This…

French Soldier - Image by Joachim Hillsund
French Military Clears Hurdle to Bionic Troops

The French military has been granted permission to develop augmented troops by an ethics committee tasked with evaluating the issue.