Ethereum Currency - Image by Peter Patel
NVIDIA Shipped Driver That Unlocked RTX 3060 Ethereum Mining

NVIDIA has confirmed it accidentally shipped a driver update that unlocked full-speed Ethereum mining on its RTX 3060 GPU.

India May Ban All Types of Cryptocurrency

India has proposed legislation that would ban cryptocurrencies, in the most restrictive such legislation worldwide.

home title theft
Knowing the Signs of Home Title Fraud

Whether it is a sports game, board game, or just in the game of life,…

Mark Cuban Says Mavericks Will Accept Dogecoin ‘Because We Can’

What began as a joke is increasingly becoming a serious cryptocurrency, as the Dallas Mavericks are the first to accept Dogecoin as payment via BitPay.

Blockchain App Factory Develops Futuristic DeFi Exchange Platform
Blockchain App Factory Develops Futuristic DeFi Exchange Platform

Blockchain App Factory announced that it developed a deFi exchange platform that offers security, speed, and transparency for every exchange with the power of distributed ledger technology.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency - Image by Michael Wuensch
Coinbase Warns of the Risk Bitcoin’s Founder Poses On Eve of IPO

As Coinbase prepares to go public, it is warning of the risk Bitcoin’s founder(s) pose to the cryptocurrency market in general, and Coinbase in particular.

Google Wear OS
Voice Activation on Google Wear OS Broken For Months

Google Wear OS users have grown increasingly frustrated with Google after months of voice activation not working on their smartwatches.

US Money - Image by Nikolay Frolochkin
Federal Reserve Disrupted Due to Operational Error

The Federal Reserve’s operations were disrupted Wednesday, due to an “operational error.”

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency - Image by Michael Wuensch
Bitcoin Slumps As One Expert Predicts $100,000 Price

Bitcoin may have shed 20% of its value over the last week, but that isn’t stopping Fundstrat’s Tom Lee from predicting a $100,000 price point.

NVIDIA Will Throttle RTX 3060 GPU For Cryptocurrency Mining

NVIDIA has announced it will throttle the performance of its upcoming RTX 3060 GPU for Ethereum cryptocurrency mining.