Intel Logo
Intel and Italy Move Forward With Talks for $9 Billion Chip Factory

Intel and Italy are moving forward with negotiations to build a $9 billion chip factory.

KE Inspection Drone - Credit Korean Air
Korean Air Using Drone Swarms to Inspect Aircraft

In an industry first, Korean Air is using drone swarms to inspect aircraft.

Metaverse - Image by ChiaJo
Intel Exec: Metaverse Will Require ‘1,000x More Computational Efficiency’

Building the metaverse may be all the rage, but at least one Intel exec says computational power must increase significantly to make it a reality.

Verizon and Google - Credit Verizon
Verizon and Google Cloud Team Up to Deliver 5G Mobile Edge Computing

Verizon and Google Cloud are teaming up to deliver 5G mobile edge computing to customers.

US Space Force Gen. David Thompson
China Becoming a ‘Tremendous Threat’ in Space

The US Space Force is calling out China as a “tremendous threat” in space, saying the country is advancing rapidly.

Slack Has Already Transformed Salesforce, Says Co-CEO Bret Taylor
Slack Has Already Transformed Salesforce

Slack has already transformed the way we work at Salesforce,” says Salesforce Co-CEO Bret Taylor. Not only has Salesforce transformed the way they work with Slack but so are the customers of Salesforce.

The 5G Internet
Verizon, AT&T Limiting 5G to Accommodate Air Traffic Safety Concerns

Verizon and AT&T have volunteered to limit their 5G networks in an effort to address concerns over air traffic safety.

Apple Park - Spring Loaded Event
Apple’s Upcoming AR Headsets Will Have the Power of an M1 Mac

Apple’s new augmented reality (AR) headsets will offer M1 Mac-level performance, and is expected to hit the market in late 2022.

Gatik Autonomous Truck
Walmart Expanding Autonomous Delivery Truck Trial in Arkansas

Walmart is taking the next step toward autonomous deliveries, expanding its pilot program involving Gatik’s autonomous trucks.

T-Mobile Spectrum
Air Traffic Concerns Delay Verizon and AT&T 5G, T-Mobile Unaffected

Concerns over possible interference between mid-band 5G and aviation altimeters has caused Verizon and AT&T to delay their 5G deployment.

Blue Origin - Credit Blue Origin
Federal Judge Shuts Down Blue Origin’s Lawsuit Against NASA

Blue Origin has been dealt a major blow, with a federal judge ruling against its suit aimed at forcing NASA to reconsider its bid.

Delhi - Image by Suanlian Tangpua
India Plans to Be Net-Zero by 2070

India, the third-largest pollution emitter, has announced plans to be net-zero by 2070.

Tesla Supercharger Station
Tesla Opening Supercharger Network to Non-Teslas

Tesla is opening its Supercharger network, allowing non-Teslas to use it for the first time.

Bitcoin Blockchain - Image by Mohamed Hassan
El Salvador Buys 420 Bitcoin, Pushing It Over $60,000

El Salvador has purchased an additional 420 bitcoin, helping to drive the price over $60,000.

The Oculus Brand Is No More

Facebook is killing off the Oculus brand on the heels of its “Meta” rebrand.

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg
Verizon and Amazon Partner to Deliver Satellite Internet to Rural Areas

Verizon and Amazon have announced a partnership to use the latter’s Project Kuiper satellites to deliver internet access to underserved communities.

Blue Origin - Credit Blue Origin
Blue Origin Announces Plans for Commercial Space Station

Blue Origin, along with Sierra Space, has announced plans for a commercial space station called Orbital Reef.

Tom Brady and Hertz - Credit Hertz
Hertz Purchasing 100,000 Teslas for Its Fleet and Partnering With Tom Brady

Hertz is looking to leapfrog the competition following its bankruptcy, ordering 100,000 Teslas and partnering with Tom Brady for an ad campaign.

Tesla Sedan
Tesla Turns in Record Third Quarter on 241K Vehicle Deliveries

Tesla turned in a record third quarter, delivering 241,300 vehicles and strong revenue growth.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency - Image by Michael Wuensch
Bitcoin Hits Record High

Bitcoin reached an all-time high Wednesday, crossing the $66,000 threshold and blowing past the previous high of $64,889 in April.