COVID Has Really Impacted Aerospace... and the Air Force
COVID Has Really Impacted Aerospace… and the Air Force

COVID has really impacted the aerospace industry in this nation and nations around the world disproportionately to other industries… and the Air Force has not been exempt from these impacts.

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Verizon and Unity Partner On 5G, MEC and Digital Experiences

Verizon has announced it is partnering with Unity to help drive 5G-powered digital experiences and mobile edge computing (MEC).

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Verizon and Deloitte Team Up to Expand 5G Edge Computing

Verizon and Deloitte are teaming up to advance 5G and mobile edge computing (MEC).

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5G Deployment Could Be Bad For The Environment

A report by France’s High Council on Climate has warned that 5G deployment could lead to a major spike in CO2 emissions.

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Amazon Will Provide Free Cloud Training to 29 Million

Amazon has announced it will provide free cloud training to some 29 million people around…

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IBM and AT&T Partnering On 5G and Open Hybrid Cloud

IBM and AT&T have announced they are partnering to help bring 5G and open hybrid cloud services to enterprise customers.

AMD Buying Xilinx For $35 Billion

AMD has reached an agreement to buy Xilinx for $35 billion, as AMD continues to gain ground against Intel.

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Microsoft Makes the Leap to Space With Azure Space

Microsoft is in second place in the Earth-based cloud market, but it looks to be positioning itself to be the premier cloud provider for space.

T-Mobile Ventures
T-Mobile Launches 5G Venture Capital Fund

T-Mobile has launched T-Mobile Ventures, a fund aimed at backing companies “developing transformative 5G products and services for the T-Mobile network.”

Microsoft Launches Azure Space - Partners With SpaceX, SES
Microsoft Launches Azure Space – Partners With SpaceX, SES

Microsoft announced today that it is launching Azure Space to focus on the burgeoning space industry.