TikTok May Split From ByteDance to Avoid US Ban

TikTok is considering drastic action in an effort to avoid a US ban, including the possibility of splitting from parent ByteDance.

Circuit Board - Image by Gerd Altmann
Netherlands Follow US Lead in Chip War Against China

The Netherlands has joined the US chip war against China, restricting export of the country’s “most advanced” chips.

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China’s Top Chipmaker YMTC Gets State-Backed $7 Billion Infusion

China is pulling out all the stops to boost its semiconductor industry, with its top firm receiving a major infusion from state-backed investors.

Beijing - Image by Jeremy Zhu
China Is Leading the US in 37 of 44 Key Technologies

As the trade and tech war between the US and China heats up, a new report says China is leading in 37 of 44 key technologies.

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Canada Bans TikTok From Government Devices

Canada is the latest jurisdiction to ban TikTok from government devices, another setback for the Chinese social media platform.

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China’s Scientists Are Working to Circumvent US Chip Sanctions

China’s scientists are going on the offensive against US chip sanctions as the country tries to keep its semiconductor industry running.

Akamai and Linode - Credit Linode
Akamai Is Taking on the Cloud’s Top Dogs With Linode

Akamai is hitting the ground running with its Linode purchase, using it as the backbone of its cloud ambitions.

Bao Fan - Credit Bloomberg
Where Is Bao Fan? Billionaire Chinese Banker Is Missing

Bao Fan, a prominent tech banker and head of China Renaissance, has gone missing, sparking fresh fears of another Chinese tech crackdown.

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US Senator Asks Apple and Google to Remove TikTok, Citing ‘Unacceptable Threat’

US Senator Michael Bennet has called on Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their app stores, calling it an “unacceptable threat.”

Tokyo Japan - Image by Pierre Blaché
Japan and Netherlands Poised to Join US in China Semiconductor Crackdown

Japan and the Netherlands may be joining the US in its efforts to isolate the Chinese semiconductor industry over security concerns.