Apple Store
Apple Car Still Years Away According to Reports

The rumored Apple Car has been making headlines again, although recent reports are placing its debut several years away.

Staying Relevant as Artificial Intelligence Continues to Advance

A look at how jobs are changing with the advancement of artificial intelligence.

OpenAI Debuts AI That Draws Images From Text Prompts

OpenAI has debuted DALL·E, an AI model that can draw images based on text prompts it receives.

Rotary Camera
DHS Tested Mask-Thwarting Facial Recognition

The Department of Homeland Security (DSH) has been testing facial recognition systems that can recognize faces with masks on.

Social AI? Uber Researchers Propose New Language Model

Researchers at Uber are proposing a new artificial intelligence (AI) language model that emphasizes positive, social interaction.

Alphabet Workers Union
Alphabet and Google Employees Form Union

Alphabet and Google employees have formed a union in response to missteps by management.

Amazon’s Head Alexa Scientist: ‘The Turing Test Is Obsolete’

Amazon’s head scientist of Alexa is arguing that the Turing Test is obsolete as an AI test and should be replaced.

Boston Robotics Dancing Robots
Boston Dynamics’ Robots Dance Together

Boston Dynamics’ robots showed some impressive dance skills, with four robots dancing to The Contours’ Do You Love Me.

Google Plex
Google AI Researchers Cite Demands, Want Academic Integrity

Google is experiencing more fallout from its handling of Dr. Timnit Gebru’s dismissal, with the company’s AI researchers making demands.

US Air Force Achieves First Military AI Flight

The US Air Force (USAF) has achieved a first for artificial intelligence (AI), flying a military aircraft with an AI crewman alongside the pilot.