Elway: On Manning's Retirement Possibility


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John Elway, former Bronco's quarterback and now the teams executive vice president, says Manning isn't likely to retire anytime soon. Especially if he finishes his record-setting season with a second Super Bowl ring.

Elway, who retired over 15 years ago was due for retirement - his body was breaking down after 15 years (1983-1998) as the Bronco's QB. He went out with a bang though, having won their second Super Bowl in a row, the XXXIII Super Bowl against Atlanta. Elway endured almost double the career sacks as Manning at 516 times, 244 more than Manning.

But about Manning retiring, Elway seems to think he's got more years.

‘‘I still think he’s young and he’s playing well,’’ Elway said Thursday of his quarterback, who’s coming off his best statistical season just two years removed from neck problems that weakened his throwing arm. ‘‘That’s going to come down to Peyton. It’s going to come down to what he wants to do.’’

Manning hasn't hinted that he is thinking about calling it quits at age 37, but he has dropped phrases lately like ‘‘light at the end of the tunnel’’ when talking about his career and his neck injury.

But he has said his career hinges on a physical exam in March that will determine how well the injury has healed.

Elway plans to meet with Manning after the season to talk about his future. But Manning sure doesn’t appear to be broken or suffering after those Sunday games.

After all, Manning, the 5-time MVP has thrown for 97 touchdowns in his two seasons in Denver, including an NFL-record 55 this season.

‘‘When you leave this game, you want to leave it on your last leg and try not to leave anything on the table. ... I was just fortunate to be able to be on two great football teams and be able to win world championships when my ‘last leg’ broke,’’ said Elway.

The two great quarterbacks are heading to Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday, February 2, against the Seattle Seahawks.

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