Elon Musk Will Bankrupt Mr. Burns in a Future Simpsons Episode

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Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX founder and CEO and international man of mystery, will be appearing on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons.

As The Simpsons prepares for an utterly astounding 26th season this fall, we know going in that someone is gonna die. We also know that there's both Family Guy and Futurama crossovers slated to premiere this year.

Now, it appears that Musk is heading to Springfield. At last, Musk has finally made something of himself.

From Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con coverage:

"The Simpsons panel was unusually light on guest-star news, with exec producer Al Jean making only one announcement: Elon Musk will play himself in an upcoming episode in which Mr. Burns loses all of his money to the Tesla/SpaceX tycoon."

Somehow, Musk finds a way to bankrupt Mr. Burns. I'm guessing he pitches him on a long-term investment in gas guzzlers – CAUSE WE ALL KNOW THE FUTURE'S IN EVs!

In other Elon Musk being an all around cool guy news, he just promised one million dollars to the planned Nikola Tesla museum at the scientific pioneer's former lab in New York. He's also out there fighting the good fight, warning the plebs about Skynet and the impending robot apocalypse.

Image via Elon Musk, Twitter

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