Elle Macpherson: Supermodel Celebrates the Big 5-0

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Elle Macpherson is 50. And while that seems impossible when perusing photos of the gorgeous supermodel, it's true. 'The Body,' as she was nicknamed years ago because of her famous Sports Illustrated fashion shoots, is half a century old.

The Australian model spoke of her milestone birthday on March 29th.

"I am 50 this weekend. I feel loved, balanced, happy, healthy and at peace with who I am. Feeling good on the inside is more important to me now...looking good follows. My secret? Love, laughter...and my super greens," she said.

Macpherson is a strong believer--like many fashion models--in the powers of eating greens. She believes in that power so strongly that she unveiled her own brand--a powder that can be "sprinkled on salads or mixed into juices or smoothies." The new product will launch in May. It is "designed to support healthy nutrition at a cellular level and aid the digestive, endocrine (hormonal), circulatory and nervous systems."

Elle Macpherson worked in conjunction with a doctor for many years to perfect this product for her own use. It seems that in honor of her turning 50--and looking as fabulous as she does--she is releasing it to share with the world. Does that sound a bit like very opportune timing?

Elle claims that just 10 grams of her new super powder per day contains "all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements to assist wellness and vitality."

"There's so much discussion surrounding health and fitness but what I really aspire to is wellness. Spiritual, emotional and physical...and in my experience they are closely interrelated," she explains.

So it seems the public--including all of Elle Macpherson's adoring fans--are supposed to look at her at age 50 and assume she looks that good because of her super powder, a product that just happens to be launching next month.

Will you be buying any?

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