Elvis' Special Birthday Gift Remembered


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Anyone who met or knew Elvis in real life is happy to have done so. Many Elvis fans and friends have stories to tell of the superstar who was born on January 8, 1935. In remembrance of his birthday, a local hardware store worker shared her story of the time Elvis received a birthday gift that likely started his career.

Connie Tullos works at Tupelo Hardware where Elvis' mother bought him his first guitar for his 11th birthday. According to Tullo, Elvis and his mother went to the hardware store because the young boy wanted a gun. His mother said no and instead paid $7.90 for a guitar.

The store has a large wooden replica of Elvis' first guitar outside the door where visitors can stand and take photos. Tullos is the president of the Elvis Presley Fan Club and says that many famous musicians and Elvis fans come to the store to buy guitars from the same store as Elvis.

The little hardware store is a must-see for any Elvis fan and stays pretty busy, especially on Elvis' birthday.

In Graceland, Elvis' birthday is celebrated with an outdoor party that has been known to last the entire week. Elvis fans flock to the celebration and many Elvis impersonators perform at the party. Others share stories and memories of the artist while they fight back tears or chuckle over the good times spent with him.

Elvis would have been 79 years old this year and is still fondly remembered for not only his music, but his kindness and generosity.

What is your favorite Elvis Presley song?

Image via Wikimedia Commons.