eHarmony: Still not Getting Dates? Paid Help Available


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Dating online or in traditional settings is never easy. eHarmony is a popular dating site heavily advertises how great they are at putting people looking for love together. The extensive profile on eHarmony is more extensive than some competing sites has to be filled out completely. The answers that are given makes it easier to attract the type of partner that is desired. Members who have a earnings of $200,000 or more each year were surveyed. eHarmony found that there is a clear demand for improving their odds at finding love by getting additional help. In real life no one would pay for a wing man, but for $5,000 eHarmony will fill the need.

The algorithms within the questionnaires in eHarmony that are supposed to bring like minded people together. Personality and chemistry are the focus instead of only looks. The counselor would be available to eHarmoney members through video Skype or telephone.  No one wants to work hard to build the professional and other aspects of their life, and have no one important to share it with. Dan Slater authored the book "Love in the Time of Algorithms: What Technology Does to Meeting and Mating", stated “Matchmakers know that loneliness is a powerful business model,”.

A human touch through a counselor is similar to matchmaking services of years past. When that is combined with the already in place tools to find a like minded mate. eHarmonies monthly memberships is $60 for members actively seeking relationships. This add on service of course is projected to be profitable for eHarmony.

Six years ago a competing paid dating service had a similar strategy that cost between $1500 and $3000. The service was tested in the Dallas area, but did not work out and took it away from their service offerings.

Online love is a growing way to find a partner that is suitable for marriage. Spending time to go through profiles is similar to the time investment of finding where available partners are and getting up the courage to speak to a new love interest. It's an investment of time and money to find the right person, $2 a day to have access to singles through a dating website is convenient and affordable for people of all income levels. The new service offering from eHarmony is obviously not for the majority of its members who do not have the disposable income or luxury of personal help while navigating online dating.

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