Educational Toys In Demand For India


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The parents of children in India value their children's education as much as any other country. Studies show the need for educational toys in India is expected to grow fifteen percent over the next five years.

"In the coming days demand for educational toys will be more as the parents want more cerebral games for their children," the director of business development of Pegasus ToyKraft, Shyam Makhija, said. "Educational toys have the potential to grow at around 15 percent year-on-year in the next five years."

The toys they are discussing are not elaborate electronic games, however they are things as simple as blocks and puzzles. "From a purist's point of view we can look at an edutainment toy as one which provides direct and immediate educational learning through play. The categories which fit the bill most appropriately are educational jigsaw puzzles, tile puzzles, memory-based games, do-it-yourself art and craft kits, builder blocks and construction sets," Makhija said.

The president of the Toy Association of India, Sunil Nanda, told IANS, "The scope of the educational toy industry is growing among the literate class of society. There had always been a relationship between learning and playing and it is very important to understand that." He continued discussing the estimated size of the toy industry being approximately Rs.10,000 crore (US$16 billion), with parents spending approximately Rs.600 to 700 ($10) per child on educational toys.

Children learn through playing, especially younger children. This is the reason that more Indian parents are seeking out the toys that provide some educational benefit for their children. "An educational toy should be able to add some cognitive value to the child. The presentation has to be very good so that a child doesn't get bored and it can arouse some curiosity in the child. Learning should happening subtly," Nanda said.

Image via Wikimedia Commons