Eddie Vedder Parodied By Adam Levine

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Eddie Vedder could easily take a hiatus from Pearl Jam, put his feet up, and let Adam Levine fill in for a bit.

This is what we found out when Jimmy Fallon challenged Levine to one of his kooky games called "Wheel of Musical Impressions".

Of course, in true Jimmy Fallon style, there was a hilarious twist on his challenge.

They impersonated famous musicians like Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra, both of which were completely spot on, and they did this with children's songs. The very best, in my humble opinion, was his Eddie Vedder impression.

If you haven't seen this yet, you must. If you have, you must watch it again!

It must have been difficult for Adam Levine to iron his high-pitched wail into a gritty Eddie Vedder, but he sure didn't look like he was struggling. I had no idea that Adam Levine was so talented! But apparently, he isn't new to doing impressions on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

It's not like he knocked Jimmy Fallon off of the King of Impressions throne or anything, but it's pretty impressive. So impressive that the video has traveled around social media and back again clogging the feeds of many.

This is great news for Levine! At least, God forbid, if Adam Levine's fame runs out, he could always hit up the washed out comedy clubs around the city and do impressions!

This just might be a new favorite game on The Tonight Show!

How did Eddie Vedder respond to his parody? I don't know. He doesn't say much. If you've heard, let us know!

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