Eddie Murphy Appears on "Arsenio"


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It's been 25 years since audiences roared with laughter while watching Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall in the hit comedy, Coming to America. The duo, who also appeared together in Harlem Nights, chatted about their experiences on Arsenio's new talk show last night.

Hall even asked Murphy why they never did a sequel to Coming to America. Murphy responded in his token African Prince voice how the lawsuits came pouring in after his portrayal of Prince Akeem. "When Coming to America came out, there were a bunch of lawsuits...with guys who claimed to be this and that. I'd be up in the club and this African dude would run up on me like, 'I am the real prince! You stole my life from me!"

Eddie Murphy was a regular guest on Hall's hit talk show back in the 1990s, appearing a total of six different times. So people started wondering where Eddie was when Hall started his new talk show simply called Arsensio, back in September. Rumors began to spread that the friends had some kind of falling out. However, Hall put the rumors to rest when he announced that his old buddy would be back on the couch in order to promote his new album "9" which features a single with Snoop Dogg called "Red Light."

Hall released a statement last week announcing Murphy's appearance. "The questions I have been asked more times than any others since announcing I would be coming back to late night are 'Will Eddie be a guest?' and 'When is Eddie stopping by?' The answers are 'yes' and 'November 19.' I can't wait to get one of my best friends back on the couch and maybe he'll even sing a little reggae for us."

Here's a clip from the hilarious interview:

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