UNCS CEO: It’s an Amazing Time To Be a Consumer… Every Day is Black Friday

The CEO of United National Consumer Suppliers, Brett Rose, says that it’s an amazing time to be a consumer because every day is Black Friday. Rose predicts that this is going to possibly be the biggest Q4 in our history.

FedEx CEO Says Amazon’s Own Delivery System Will Take Business From USPS, Not FedEx

Fred Smith, founder, and CEO of FedEx told Bloomberg this morning that they don’t see any negative impact from Amazon doing more of their deliveries themselves. Smith says that the biggest entity that will lose business as Amazon implements its own delivery force is the US Postal Service.

Ethan Allen CEO: Brick and Mortar by Itself is Not Relevant

Ethan Allen CEO Farooq Kathwari made a bold point for a furniture retailer in a recent interview, following their quarterly earnings announcement: Brick and mortar by itself is not relevant.

Ecommerce Startup Zola Seeks to Reinvent the Wedding Industry

In 2013, Shan-lyn Ma and Nobu Nakaguchi realized through their own experiences that they could not only improve on but literally reinvent the wedding industry, so they started Zola.

CaaStle CEO: Our Clothing as a Service (CAAS) Technology is not Disruptive

The clothing as a service business model is not disruptive for clothing retailers says CaaStle founder and CEO Christine Hunsicker. “One of the big things about this technology is that it’s not disruptive.”

Zippin CEO: In 5-10 Years Every Store Will Be Checkout Free

What if going to a store was as easy, or even easier, than shopping online? Zippin intends to bring this concept to all stores by providing a software platform and a technology solution to retailers. 

How to Use Data to Become Incredibly Customer Centric

Steve Stone, former CIO of L Brands and Lowes, recently discussed how retailers can use data to serve their customers better and become incredibly customer centric.

What is Uniquely Different About the New Amazon 4-Star Store?

Amazon 4-Star is Amazon’s first retail store focused on selling all of Amazon’s products. It just opened in the Soho area of New York City and has made a big splash in the media.

How SnackNation’s Predictive Analytic Engine Fuels Their Success

SnackNation may be focusing on snack delivery now but it’s really building a consumer insights and consumer products delivery platform that can plug in anything.

Adobe Creating an Industry Around Digital Engagement and Customer Experience Management

Shantanu Narayen, Adobe CEO, recently discussed on CNBC about how Adobe is working to actually create a brand new industry focused on digital engagement and customer experience management.