How SnackNation’s Predictive Analytic Engine Fuels Their Success

SnackNation may be focusing on snack delivery now but it’s really building a consumer insights and consumer products delivery platform that can plug in anything.

Clorox: Digital is About Changing the Way We Do Business

From a business operations and marketing perspective, you might be surprised to discover that Colox itself is undergoing a multi-year transformation with the goal of becoming a digital company.

Inside the Mind of Jeff Bezos as He Reveals the Secret Sauce of Amazon

Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos recently talked about why Amazon is so successful, what he looks for when buying companies and how the business miracle of AWS came about.

Voice Commerce: Is It Living Up to Its Early Hype?

A growing number of people around the world are using the voice search feature in their smartphones and smart speakers to find information, confirm appointments, and even order food.

Is it Time to Refine Your Value Proposition?

While a value proposition sounds pretty straightforward, creating one can take some figuring out. This is because it has to be concise, unique, and compelling to be effective.

Here’s What You Need to Understand About Gen-Z’ers Before You Try to Sell Them Something

Every generation is grouped according to the time its members were born, but for years now, there’s been an ongoing debate about the specific cutoff point between Millennials and Generation Z.

Brands Are Waking Up to the Inevitable of Selling on Amazon

On the other hand, if you look at the rate of growth of Amazon, they are approaching half of US ecommerce. It continues to grow at roughly twice the rate of the industry so it’s not hard to imagine waking up in a world where Amazon accounts for 60-75 percent of US ecommerce.”

How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect eCommerce in the Future

Because of AI’s efficiency and ability to give consumers a one-to-one experience, its use will continue to grow. A Gartner Study predicts that by 2020, as much as 85 percent of all customer interactions will be done without humans.

7 Most Attention-Grabbing Words to Use in Your Online Marketing

Words are powerful. For marketers, they can mean the difference between successful conversions or a failed campaign. Certain words can pique a customer’s attention while others might repel them.

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Amazon Now Delivers Right to Your Car Trunk, Covers Select US Cities

On Tuesday, Amazon launched another option for package delivery, not to your doorstep, but right…