Ebola Outbreak Is Still Spreading


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The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has been getting worse over the last few months and now it is affecting the healthcare workers who are trying to stop the spread of the deadly disease. Over 50 healthcare workers have already died of Ebola and many more have been infected and are being treated for it.

An American doctor and a missionary are among the latest people to be infected by the virus. Samaritan's Purse, a Christian charity, said that its physician Kent Brantly was in stable condition and had been isolated at the group's Ebola treatment center at the ELWA hospital in the Liberian capital Monrovia.

Nancy Writebol, a missionary with the SIM Christian charity, is also stable but suffering from the horrible symptoms of the disease.

"They're both receiving intensive early treatment, but certainly it's a dangerous situation and a frightening situation," charity spokeswoman Melissa Strickland said.

"We remain optimistic for his recovery, but certainly he is not out of the woods. Samaritan's Purse is committed to doing everything possible to help Dr Brantly during this time of crisis. We ask everyone to please pray for him and his family," she added.

Healthcare workers have been working hard to treat the sick and to quarantine them to prevent the spread of the virus. The virus has spread to other parts of Africa and many people are afraid that it could spread to other parts of the world.

Over 200 people in Africa have been killed by the disease since the beginning of the year and the death toll rises every day.

There is no cure for Ebola and healthcare workers can only treat the symptoms of the disease. Fever, body and muscle aches, bleeding and dehydration are some of the most common symptoms.

Healthcare workers are calling the outbreak one of the worst they have ever seen.

Do you think the virus can be controlled or will it spread to other countries?

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