eBay Releases 2010 "Top Shopped" Report


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In the past month or so, Google, Yahoo, and Bing all released year-end lists detailing what's been on their users' minds.  Now it's at last eBay's turn, as the company best known for its auction site has published what it calls the "Top Shopped" report.

Before we paste in the main list, here's a quick (and perhaps unnecessary) word of explanation: no one's claiming a soccer event, a football team, or an athlete was sold thousands of times.  Instead, eBay just found that products related to them changed hands quite often.


Also, Karen Bard Sayah, eBay's Trend Expert, asserted in a statement, "With more than 200 million daily live listings and a community of more than 93 million active users, eBay is uniquely positioned to take the pop culture pulse based on the millions of Marketplace purchases made each day.  Year after year, we see the hot trends, topics and pop culture obsessions translate into online sales."

So here's the list:

eBay's Picks for America's "Top Shopped" and Pop Culture Obsessions of 2010

1. iPhone 4
2. Barbie
3. Military jackets
4. Hot Wheels
5. iPad
6. World Cup
7. The Beatles
8. Silly Bandz
9. Alice in Wonderland
10. New Orleans Saints
11. Marc Jacobs
12. LeBron James

It looks like things made by Apple and Mattel were the biggest hits with eBay's users, along with the general subject of sports.