eBay Launches "Activate Now" Feature To Help Vendors Save


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The popular auction site of eBay is one of the world's best-known auction sites where millions of people each day visit the site to browse and/or bid on various books, music, collectibles, antiques, and electronics. eBay is great for the person browsing the website, as well as for vendors who can electronically sell their products.

With their website obtaining so much popularity, it is always best for the eBay company to introduce new features to the website to help keep vendors and browsers coming back to the website. With this in mind, yesterday (September 3rd, 2012), the popular auction website announced the new feature of "Activate Now." A brief summary of this feature is provided below from eBay's announcement page.

"To grant you the ability to control which of your listings have promotions applied to them—and to help us create better and more personalized promotions based on what, when, and how you sell—you’ll begin seeing an ‘Activate now’ button in select promotional emails."

This feature was also announced on eBay's @ebaybusiness Twitter account:

The "Activate Now" feature communicates to the vendor if activation is required prior to the activation of your account. A promotion can be activated at any time within the period designated by the website. After this has been executed, promotional rates to your products will commence; however, they will not be applied to any products before the selling period.

According to eBay's "Special Offer" page, the reasons why this feature was added is explained in the points below.

  • Various vendors have communicated to eBay that they would like the ability of control when their listings have promotions applied to them.
  • eBay will use the information obtained from the "Activate Now" process (what, when, and how) to enhance personalized promotions on their website.

For frequently asked questions about eBay's new "Activate Now" feature, please visit the eBay Special Offer page regarding this new feature.

What do you think about the new "Activate Now" feature for eBay's vendors? Please leave your response below in this post's comments section.

[Image source: eBay Developer's Program]