EA's Christmas Carol is Odd, Frightening

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While people still buy their games like their hotcakes, when it comes to public opinion, EA's reputation isn't the best or the brightest. As long as that doesn't disrupt their bottom line, all's well that ends well, I suppose.

This next item, however, pretty much defies all description. Going by the title "An EA Christmas Carol," the upcoming video is what one publication intimates as EA's attempt to ruin Christmas. Normally, I try to find a middle ground when it comes to hyperbolic reactions, but in this case, the Destructoid post might be onto something. Take a look for yourself:

I've noticed words have been failing me lately, and it's all due to all the crazy Christmas content that's popping up all over the web. Thanks for the contribution, EA. If the YouTube reaction is anything to go by, this and the Destructoid article aren't the only ones perplexed by EA's Christmas video.

Currently, there are 84 likes and 222 dislikes.

Obviously, this little video wasn't intended for the television audience, with words and phrases like "goddamn cab," "testicles," and "my wonderland is shat." In fact, much like the everybody's else reaction, I'm not exactly sure what kind of consumer this targets. The singers in the video are -- seemingly -- making fun of crappy gamers, because, I guess, that's the way to attract more customers? By making fun of those who are less "l337" than the professional gaming crowd?

In the video's description, it says "And for those of you who like a challenge, listen closely to the carol. Do any of the lines sound familiar?" indicating the lyrics come from various EA games, meaning the attack on bad gamers isn't exactly accurate, even though it comes across that way. Are any of you out there familiar enough with EA's stable of games to identify which games are being quoted?

Clearly, if it's in the game, it's in the Christmas Carol.