Early 'Angry Birds Star Wars 2' Release Teased by Rovio


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For over two months now, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 has been set to release on September 19. Today, just one day away from the official release date, developer Rovio is now teasing Angry Birds fans with the prospect of an early release of the game. The cruelty began with the Angry Birds Twitter account implying that using the hashtag #JoinThePorkSide could unlock the game early:

That was followed quickly by the announcement that two Twitter fans had actually won codes to unlock the game early, though exactly how early they get to play wasn't revealed.

The taunting even showed up on the Angry Birds Facebook page, where Rovio challenged its over 25 million Facebook fans to keep a post's "likes" to only 2 for an early release. Of course, the post now has tens of thousands of likes, and hundreds of comments from angry Angry Birds fans who can actually read:

Finally, after already teasing today's new character trailers (Darth Vader and Sith apprentice Anakin), Rovio uploaded yet another video to its YouTube account. Titled "Angry Birds Star Wars 2 - out sooner than you think...," it features the porcine version of Darth Vader beat-boxing:

None of this proves that Rovio is actually going to release Angry Birds Star Wars 2 early. It would be awfully cruel, however, for the developer to lead its millions of fans on in such a fashion.