EA Gamescom Presser Gets The Abridged Treatment


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E3 isn't the only place where the heavy hitters of the games industry gather to show off their latest wares. Gamescom is just as big, and that means press conferences are bound to happen. EA was one of the first out of the gate with more details on the stuff it announced at E3, but that's boring.

What is exciting is that the wonderful folks at VideoGamer are back with another proper abridged take on the whole affair. As usual, it's a hilarious and poignant take on an industry that oftentimes takes itself way too seriously, even when the stuff it's showing is entirely too silly.

Unfortunately, this is the only Gamescom abridged presser we'll be getting this week as the folks at VideoGamer are way too busy to take on Sony's hour and a half long presser at the moment. Once it does arrive, you can be sure that it will be hilarious.

In the meantime, check out their previous abridged parodies to see just how ridiculous E3 really was this year.