E3 2012 Gets The Media Coverage It Deserves


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E3 2012 is over and I think I read over 100 articles about all the games, hardware and technology we can look forward to in the upcoming year. I didn't watch any gameplay videos, however, because it's hard to enjoy something when your'e trying to hear a person over 45,000 other people playing everything from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale to Nintendo Land.

Well, that's a lie - I did watch one video from the show floor. YouTube user rogerbarr went to E3 and gave us what is most likely the greatest E3 video ever created. He hits all the major stops at E3 from God of War: Ascension to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles inflatable go-kart.

It's kind of like seeing a younger version of myself walking into a Funcoland for the first time and seeing all those video games. It's the kind of excitement that you don't get anymore as games media is obsessed with asking boring questions about whether or not a game has guns. What happened to the unbridled excitement that caused a man or woman to just scream "yeah!" as loud as they could in the middle of a packed convention hall?

In all reality, your mileage may vary. I found this style of games coverage to be strangely endearing and hilarious at the same time. It really depends on how many times you can take some guy screaming everything in an almost cracked voice. Even then, it's still one of the better videos to come out of E3 this year and that's saying something.

[h/t: Fark]