Dwayne Johnson Pitches Name for Buddy Cop Film with Daniel Radcliffe

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Daniel Radcliffe recently sat down with Jimmy Fallon and the two started discussing how hard it is to do accents. Americans have a tough time doing a real British accent, often going either “very posh,” as Radcliffe says, or Cockney.

But Brits tend to aim for a stereotypical deep drawl, almost Texan, and hope to land somewhere in the middle as sounding average American.

Radcliffe admitted that he learned a lot about speaking with an American accent from watching professional wrestling on television. In fact, when playing with his WWE action figures as a child, he would have them speak with the appropriate American accents.

“The Rock was always my favorite,” he told Fallon. “I harbor a not-so-secret desire to somehow find parts for me and Dwayne Johnson to play in the same movie. He knows I’m a fan… We have mutual friends. I actually have a t-shirt of him holding up a sign that says, ‘Dan Radcliffe, Number One Fan.’”

Fallon pressed on about the idea of a film collaboration between Johnson and Radcliffe.

“My initial thought was like a buddy cop movie,” Radcliffe told him, "with two unlikely partners who are forced to work together.”

Radcliffe then started to riff on possible names for such a film, including puns about two cops who love music called “Siren Song”.

Dwayne Johnson, whom Fallon was quick to point out watches the show, tweeted out his own film name idea.

Johnson’s upcoming projects include an HBO series called Ballers, which he produces with Mark Wahlberg.

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