Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Hospitalized, Misses Sadie's Dance

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Phil Robertson’s granddaughter Sadie made her debut on Dancing with the Stars this week. But granddaddy wasn’t there to see her.

It turns out that the patriarch of the Duck Commanding Robertson Clan was in the hospital.

"My grandpa actually had to go to the hospital tonight," 17-year-old Sadie said. “So a lot of [family members] are with him."

Phil Robertson is 68 years old. There is no word yet what Phil was hospitalized for, but he has since been released and was last heard to be resting at an apartment in Los Angeles.

Phil Robertson has been in the public eye even more than usual lately. He has released a book called unPHILtered: The Way I See It. In the book, Robertson uses his still-ongoing 15 minutes of fame to wax on about his opinions about what ails America and the world.

For example, in his book, Phil Robertson says:

"If you speak out about sins like adultery, drunkenness, or sexual impurity, you’re labeled as ignorant, insensitive, bigoted, or even hateful. The ‘PC police' constantly preach tolerance and acceptance, but they’re intolerant of beliefs that aren’t in line with their own. Certain Americans condemn businesses like Chick-fil-A for speaking out against same-sex marriages, but then we’re told to celebrate companies like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Starbucks because they embrace them. Is it not a two-way street? Isn’t there supposed to be freedom of speech on both sides of the issue?”

Phil’s reference to “freedom of speech” is a common misconception. The very fact that people are able to say what they want in the first place, without fear of prosecution, is, by definition, freedom of speech. There is no guarantee, constitutional or otherwise, that members of the public might not choose to protest, lampoon, boycott, satirize, label, or even marginalize someone for what they said. But what they can’t do is have them arrested. This is freedom of speech for both sides.

According to Sadie Robertson, Phil is “going to be fine” after his hospitalization. And she expects a greater turnout of family next week to watch her dance on DWTS.

"Next week, a lot more family members will be here," she said. "I think Mama Kay is coming, and other members of the Robertson family will make their appearance."

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